About Us

VISMAYA FARMS, VISMAYA SHEEP & GOAT TRAINING INSTITUTE, VISMAYA VET & VISMAYA FOUNDATION is the Group of VISMAYA INTEGRATED FARM TECH. It is the right platform where you can meet the esteemed professionals, Agriculturists, Veterinarian and Livestock High tech farm setup/shed construction, farm equipments Manufacturers and Team of Expert consultants having a field experience & we have been pathfinders providing specialized services in the industry by executing both large & small projects. We provide next generation hi-tech farming of integrated sheep & goat farm, dairy farm, Country chicken & agro forestry adopting the latest technology. We deliver End to End consultancy services and focus on clean, hygienic, easy, simple, convenient, cost optimization & high productivity improvement. We are high tech livestock farm builders & developers. We provide turnkey projects for starting up to Marketing. We are specialized in constructing excellent farm set up with latest technologies for livestock farming & developing farm projects on contract basis. Our livestock Sheds are economical, scientifically designed that can easily be dismantled and are specifically designed to protect the animals & create a good atmosphere. Where the ample sunlight & natural ventilation assist in a dramatic reduction of moisture & bacteria, offering a healthy, fresh, clean & hygienic environment helps to promote rapid weight gain & good reproductive ratio & disease free & least mortality.

We supply highly pedigreed live stock of Indian/exotic goat & sheep, desi/exotic cattle breeds & Desi Chicken for integrated farming. To provide guidelines on the type of sheep, goat & cattle animals suitable for the area and to help in judging, selection sourcing of animals by providing necessary training and support by educating our clients/farmers by In-farm practical exposure Training.

We produce dairy farms where we treat cows with affection like not tied and kept under maximum comfort with mattress to sleep on and cows treated with antibiotics and hormones are strictly not used in animal. Cows are remotely monitored through sensors for disease & discomfort with new innovated IT technologies.

We have passion and dedication towards stall-fed sheep, goat, and Dairy, country chicken, agro forestry integrated farming. Stall fed method of sheep/goat & dairy Country chicken farming requires a contingent use of available inputs to achieve maximum productivity and profitability. Availability of technical information the latest technology & the effective utilization to the farmers & entrepreneurs are of immense significance. Integrated Farming known as Agro forestry system with simultaneous activities involving animals & crops, fodders, tree fodders. The main purpose of integrated farming is farming components support one another reducing external inputs. For instance crop can provide animals fodder & feed for the livestock & the livestock as Fertilizer manure for the crop & fodder/tree fodders can provide food for livestock and livestock fertilizer manure for the trees. The system works by minimizing external inputs so that each system sustains one another. For example, manure is used to enhance crop production; crop residues and by-products feed the animals, supplementing often inadequate feed supplies, thus contributing to improved animal nutrition and productivity.

Our Mission
With present financial crisis & depression most of the entrepreneurs, businessmen, professionals of various fields and youngsters are looking forward to become livestock entrepreneurs and many have made their profession of other alternative sources of income, which is achievable without any competition or bossism and also stress free life. Hence sheep/goat /Dairy/c.chicken & agro farming brings about exponential growth in the expected high remuneration. Our mission is to accredit the passionate clients who are having heart to livestock business by providing technical parameters to fulfill their dreams by affordable means.

Our Vision
Ensuring new generation Hi-tech integrated farming of sheep, goat, dairy & agro forestry by adopting new technologies & new innovative methods like promote rural entrepreneurship to take agriculture to new heights to setup completely automated farms to ensure quality production. End to End mixed farm set up services and focusing on clean & hygienic, easy & simple, convenient & cost optimization & high productivity improvement. Ours farm should be less Labour oriented & reduction of labour cost.

Nature of Business Manufacturers, Supplier & Service Provider
Number of Employees Upto 10 People
Year of Establishment 2000
Market Covered Domestic Market
Name of CEO Mr. Umesh B G
Legal Status of Firm Proprietorship Firm

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