Hydroponic Green Fodder Machine Set Up

Innovative Technology for Fodder Cultivation Without Soil with Less Water Consumption 


We are engaged in manufacturing & supplying wide range of Hydroponic Green Fodder Machine set up. Hydroponic fodder is much more nutritious compared to the open field grown fodder in soil. Hydroponic is a method of growing fodder without using soil. The hydroponic grown fodder concept H highly accepted by the farmer & fempreneurs because of less expenditure & more hygienic. We are manufacturers & installers of wide range of Hydroponic Green Fodder Machines. It is much more nutritious compared to the open field grown fodder n soil. Since this is only grown in water with no soil. The hydroponic fodder machine concept is highly accepted by the farmer owing to its extremely low Operating cort. A selection of seeds or grains is spread onto the specialized hydroponic trays, which are hosted Inside the vertical farming method. Trays are watered at pre-determined time intervals with E jet foggers. Tensed your livestock "FRESH GREEN FODDER GRASS" everyday all year round. We have specifically designed and developed a highly efficient and cost effective fodder solution. Vismaya hydroponic System is a perfect solution for anyone who has sustainable livestock and has to depend on agriculture land and a maximum labours to supply for providing daily fresh green fodder to the animals. We have developed a live stock feed system by which you can bong down your concentrate feed costs by up to 50% and further more you will have guaranteed supply of Green fodder all the 12 months of the year no matter the weather conditions. This technology offers low operating costs and requires minimum labor. The sprouts grow on the "Hydroponic Green Fodder Machine" specially designed sprouting trays with no growing medium. Feed-quality maize germinates within 24 hours of seeding. The maize grows in the same tray for 7 days and is ready for harvest at a 10-12 inch high grass mat. It takes 8-9 days to grow from seeding to feed out.

Benefits of Hydroponically Grown Fodder
Feed is always fresh & animals love its taste

  • Hydroponic fodder growing unit is grown without any pesticides & without land it is 100% Organic
  • Feeding of produced in hydroponics are more beneficial to all livestock because of their high nutritional values. Green fodders are highly succulent & relished by animals. For instance 7 to 8 kg s of hydroponics maize green fodder can replace one kg concentrate feed. As it is succulent, it is recommended to offer maximum 20 kg of hydroponics green fodder per day for animals.
  • Fodder grass on land takes 70-80 days to grow
  • Fodder grass in hydroponic machine has 7 days to growing cycle including soaking it is 9 days.
  • Fodder grass grown on land requires 50, 00,000 liters of water annually. Fodder grass in hydroponic machine with 100 sq.ft system requires only 70.000 liters of water annually.
  • Cost for harvesting and transportation from agricultural farm to cow shed is higher and time consuming.
  • Harvesting and transportation much easier and cost is zero. We can set up machine in cow/sheep/goat/rabbit/piggery shed area.
  • Due to more use of land require for fodder grass, there will be less option for other growing cash crops like vegetables, horticulture crops, agro forestry trees.
  • In Hydroponic Fodder growing unit, negligible land requires so enough scope for other cash crops
  • Fodder grass on land require the base as soil which has many impurities
  • Hydroponic fodder growing unit doesn’t have a soil base. It grows on trays in a growing unit.

Technical Specifications :

  • Hydroponics Trays (un Breakable)
  • Tray Size -  1.5X 2 INCH
  • Material PP- copolymer / injection moulded
  • Hydroponics Shed  -  all structure fabrication in Galvanized Iron (NON Rusted) with Special net cover for light control Stage wise growth from seed to hydroponic fodder
  • Grow Whatever You Need  -  Corn, Wheat, Barley, Oats, ETC.
  • Tray Rack Unrust GI Material mechanism
  • Water Filter treatment with automatic controller
  • Timer-electronic controller with temperature and humidity sensor for controlling water pump
  • Fogars
  • Pump Set-kirloskar
  • Plumbing Material
  • Lateral Pipe ISI + fittings
  • Shade Net 90 %

Silent Features of the Unit :

  • Can grow fodder in 7 days
  • Non rust able G I material and unbreakable trays
  • 60 KG unit includes 48 trays and 550 kg unit includes 480 trays/1100kg unit 960 trays
  • It takes less space @ per kg 1 sq ft
  • Less water consumption (1-2 ltrs/day per kg of seeds)
  • Outside environment doesn’t affect the inside fodder
  • 365 day production throughout the year
  • Highly low cost production, significant savings can be made in the cost of feeding livestock
  • No fungal/bacterial /microbial growth due to sanitization of water & air by U.V light
  • Unskilled labourers can operate the system, no need for highly skilled labour. System is not labour intensive – A single person can operate & handle a required output
  • No need for tractors and expensive equipments for cultivation in the soil.

VFT Hydroponic Fodder Growing Unit Price List

Unit Amount Includes Includes Includes Includes
Daily 60 Kg Rs.40,000 +G S T + Transportation Free installation Free Consultancy
Daily 120 Kg Rs.75,000 +G S T + Transportation Free installation Free Consultancy
Daily 180 Kg Rs.1,00,000 +G S T + Transportation Free installation Free Consultancy
Daily 250 Kg Rs.1,25,000 +G S T + Transportation Free installation Free Consultancy
Daily 500 Kg Rs.2,50,000 +G S T + Transportation Free installation Free Consultancy
Daily 1000 Kg Rs.5,00.000 +G S T + Transportation Free installation Free Consultancy

 Terms & Conditions :

  • 12 % GST will be applied
  • Free Installation, free Consultancy
  • 100 % advance payment after remit the amount to current account we do Installation within 10 days
  • Motor and timer are replacement warrantee for one year.
  • Water Tank has to be provided by the customers  and has to be provide at the time of installation. 

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