Integrated Farm Consultancy


  • Complete End To End Consultancy To Start A Commercial Stall-Fed Sheep, Goat & Dairy, Desi chicken, Quail & Agro Forestry Farms
  • Selection of Agriculture Land. We assist you in buying the suitable land for the project
  • Water points from our well reputed geologist
  • Farm Visit: Our First Priority Is Visiting of Client’s Farm for assessment of site suitability for sheep & goat /dairy/country chicken/Agro forest farming
  • Complete prefeasibility study of climate, water availability, soil, road connectivity, animal rearing pattern in the area, fodder crop pattern, existing infrastructure for veterinary aid & market consumption
  • Financial Management To prepare a detailed project report for funding of the project from the bank (Bankable Project Report About Economical Viability & Feasibility}
  • Finance consultants for Arranging Bank Loan/Subsidy
  • In Farm practical Training: To provide guidelines on the type/age/selection of sheep, goat & cattle & Desi Poultry suitable for the area and to help in judging, selection sourcing of animals by providing conditioning & necessary training and support. In-Farm Training For Practical Exposure to Labours/Supervisors/Managers
  • cost effective & scientific method of Shed Construction Ground level shed, wooden slated floor shed, P P slated floor sheds of sheep/goat/dairy/c,chicken/
  • Fodder Plot Development & Fodder Cultivation : Distributor & suppliers of fodder seeds, Grass seeds and Grass root slips, Fodder plants & Agro Forestry Plants
  • Carbohydrates Monocotyledons : African Tall Maize, Red maize, Baby corn, Sorgum, COFS 29/31 Multi cut, Bajra Multicut, Jawar Multicut, Oats Multi cut, Navane, Arka.
  • Fodder Root Slips/slips Monocotyledon : CO2, CO3, CO4, CO5 (HYBRID NAPIERS), BG-2, Rhodes, Gini Grass, Anjan Grass, Signal Grass, Sabi Grass.
  • Proteins Dicotyledon : Hedge Lucern, Alfa Alfa Lucern, Stylo Hemota, Stylo Scabra, Sirotra, Small Green Gram, cowpea, Bercem, Horse Gram, Field Beans, Green Gram, Fodder Groundnut, Welvet Beans, Bengal Gram, Cetrocema, Cluster Beans.
  • Proteins Fodder Plants : Melia dubia, Agase, Subabul, Gliricidia, Mulberry, Eritrina indica, moringa oli fera, Basavanpada.
  • Agro Forestry Seedlings/plants : Tissue culture Teak (new technology) Mahagony, Sandal wood, Melia Dubia, Pomogrante, Amla, Papaya, Curry leaf, Lemon, Chiku, Pineapple.
  • Hydroponics fodder growing unit manufacturers n installers, Process of Making Hydroponics
  • Supply of Farm Equipment’s like chaff cutter, Grass cutter, Feeders, Drinkers Milking machines/parlour ,cow mat, Bio-gas installers.
  • Supply of conditioned, Medicated & proper vaccinated & De worming as per schedule With proper health track record Indian and Exotic Type of all Breeds adopted to stall-fed method
  • Supply of vaccinations & De wormers for Health Management
  • Disease Control & Vaccinations & Schedule & Animal Conditioning
  • Feeding and Nutrition Management, Supply of mineral mixtures, calcium, liver extracts, feed supplements, Growth promoters for Food Supplements Management
  • Rain Water Harvesting & Soil Conservation
  • Solar Lights / Solar/Razor Fencing, solar pump set
  • Organic Manure / Vermicompost Manure Preparations & Buy Back
  • Provides Surveillance camera system for the security and monitoring
  • Branding & Sales of sheep & goats from your farm for both breeding & meat purpose


Farm Setup
Farm/ Agriculture Land/site Visit & Finacial Management : Our first priority is visiting and reviewing your Land & We guide you to design, decide, manage and execute your integrated project & Get the evaluation study done for your site by our experts to prepare a detailed project report for funding from the bank. The brief project profile for a SHEEP & GOAT, DAIRY, DESI POULTRY, AGRO FORESTRY FARMING.

Water Source : study of water source which plays a very important role in stall fed farming of sheep/goat, dairy & country chicken, agro forestry.

Water Testing : Water plays a very important role in lives of animals. The quality of water consumed for various purposes needs to be checked before physical use various important applications of water are for agriculture, livestock’s, & drinking.

Parameters :

  • PH
  • Turbidity
  • Total Dissolved solids
  • Hardness
  • Chlorides
  • Residual chloride
  • Iron
  • Nitrates
  • Fluorides
  • Arsenic

Land Preparation : The land preparation is carried out for the following objectives: To minimize the soil moisture loses by evaporation. To prepare good seed bed and to sow crops. To control weeds based on the above objectives, land preparation activities can be classified in to 2 major parts: Pre irrigation ploughing & post-irrigation ploughing for soil moisture conservation and for seed bed preparation and weed control.

Irrigation Systems Types of Irrigation :

  • Surface Irrigation
  • Localized Irrigation
  • Drip Irrigation
  • Sprinkler Irrigation
  • InGround Irrigation and we adopt best method of irrigation then execution of ploughing for fodder cultivation.

Fodder Plot Development for Fodder Cultivation : Fodder plays a major role in sheep n goat farming. We will do the fodder plot development according to the soil conditions and water resources. We do procurement of fodder seeds, Grass seeds, and Grass root slips, Fodder plants seeds, and Fodder Nursery plants & Agro forestry plants.

Shed Construction : We are renowned fabricators & we have completed major projects. Our livestock Sheds are economical, scientifically designed that can easily be dismantled and are specifically designed to protect the animals & create a good atmosphere. Quotations and Blueprints are provided and designs of A type sheds are constructed. We are having a team of expertise fabricators & we provide you to execute the shed construction work by scientific methods of construction for sheep/goat & cattle, Naati chicken/poly /green house/hydroponic sheds by cost effective in affordable manner.

Supply of Farm Equipments : We manufacture of farm equipments for sheep/goat/cattle Feeders, drinkers, troughs, fodder cart, hay savers, hay racks, ear tags, applicators, Automated Drinker bowls, Feeding bowls, breeding cages, Pvc slated floorings, feeder trays, silage bunker, silos bin, fodder box, drinker box, portable drinker box, portable feeding barn with racks, double sided standing water trough, wheel barrows. We supply chaff cutters, brush cutters, forage harvester, fogging systems, Super Fogger, mist sprayers, heavy duty and mini power tillers, vermicomposting boxes, milking machines, milking parlors, cow mats (full length & pieces) automated milking systems, bulk milk cooler, trimmers, de-Horner, castration, hair cutting, pregnancy testers, tattooing, clippers, drenchers, hoof knives, hoof cutter, hoof trimmer, bloodless castration tools, Land fencing contractors - Pre stressed concrete compound wall fencing, chain link fencing, barbed wire fencing, and solar fencing, Laser fencing for agro forestry. C.C camera installation. Solar Street lamps, solar light for labour quarters/farm house, solar panels

Farm Management

  • We provide all technical necessary inputs & support to set up the farm according to scientific method
  • The preliminary set of labours and supervisor should get trained in farm before commence the farming activities. We train labours & supervisor/manager
  • We visit and stay in your farm for two days a month for a proper management activities
  • Daily routine management activities and Weekly and monthly management activities
  • Maintain a Record Keeping provided by us
  • Monocot, Dicot & Tree Fodders plot Development and Maintenance
  • Feed and Feed supplements formula
  • Hydroponics Fodder Growing and Maintenance Techniques: The fodder, feed and hydroponics should be ready before the procurement of livestock. The feed formula should not be changed or discontinued without our knowledge
  • Vaccination schedule including De worming: All Necessary medications should be stocked. Some of them may need to be refrigerated
  • We provide Medicine chart: before medication in first few months the farm supervisor should consult us
  • Fattening Unit management & Breeding unit management: we will give the chart for when to plan the fattening unit & we will provide all necessary inputs and support to manage breeder unit health, care taking and productivity and weight gain aspects
  • Selection of rams/bucks: The client should not mix breeds supervised by us, with other breeds in the farm or outside the farm.;
  • Pregnancy management/Lamb/kid management/Marketing managements

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