Poultry Shed Construction Services

  • Construction -  Done with compromise in Hygiene,Labor saving,Safety,Efficiency, etc.,
  • Roofing -  Using color coated Roofing materials, Over MS Truss supports.
  • Partitions -  Using Chain link Mesh.
  • Flooring -  Reared in hardened soil
  • Feed trays -  Custom Made Feed trays with GI sheets and Ms structures.

Advantages : Low investment costs compared to fully Elevated platform methods.

Disadvantages : Non Hygenic and More Diseases & Mortality

  • Needs 2 times more Labor requirement compared to elevated level methods.
  • Needs Daily cleaning of flooring.
  • Causes Ticks, Flies and Mosquito problems if not Maintained with high care..
  • Sheep & Goats needs to be stand over its dung and Urine causing Hygiene problems and may cause Disease spread if not maintained properly.
  • Scientific management cannot be executed.
  • Foot rot problems and Skin problems in sheep & goats can occur.
  • Needs High Labor dependability.

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